Custom Sizes and Styles Available

All items are handmade to order, which means most of the time, alterations can be made to suit your needs. Please email me at

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Handmade Clothing and Other Goodies for Dogs

The Purple Pomeranian is a one-woman business in rural Missouri, sewing custom items for your pet. I have been sewing for over 20 years, and I love to help dogs look their best. Custom sizing and styling is available. Please contact me to discuss your needs.

Meet the Poms

Roxy - Break Supervisor 

Roxy always makes sure to remind her workers to take plenty of breaks. Fresh air and a cookie make for happy workers, and Roxy won't let you forget to enjoy both. 


Kaiya - Director Of Fitness 

Not only does Kaiya make sure the clothes are a perfect fit for her 4.5 lb frame, but she makes sure to keep all other employees fit with use of the puppy zoomies. She's hard to catch and much faster than you, no matter who you are.


Wicket - Supervisor 

Ever present in the workroom, Wicket uses his powers of cuteness to make sure everyone is hard at work. 


Pippin - Shop Security 

Ever vigilant, Pippin barks at everything that does (or doesn't) move. If it makes a noise, he lets everyone know. Nothing is safe on Pippin's watch. He will find you, and he will bark at you. 


Remy - Quality Control 

Never missing an opportunity to turn circles and bark, Remy shows his approval upon the completion of each item. He's always ready to escort an order to the shipping station, turning circles all the way. 


Kodie - Purveyor of Floof

As the youngest member of the team, Kodie brings joy to all with his adorable powers of floof. He spends his days playing, pouncing, and having fun with his fur brothers and sisters.